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Started taking this about two months ago just when everyone starts to get sick. I was desperate for any help and I stumbled upon this. Immediately knew it would be great quality so I couldn’t wait to try. Within a few days of taking, I FINALLY started feeling better!! Many customers might be buying it for COVID-19 exposure & prevention.

Danielle Bird, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Love, Love, Love this product. It has helped with virus symptoms I got after a trip abroad. Not the best tasting, I still get the aftertaste of garlic, but definitely not the worst thing in the world. I will continue to buy this product and NO I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANYTHING IN EXCHANGE for this review :)

Stephanie Pepino, Dallas TX

Came across this immunity booster with amazing reviews and bought it. Slim flat bottle that fits anywhere and is discreet. Literally within hours I was starting to feel better and by the next day I was almost completely back to normal. I will never go without this stuff ever again. SO IMPRESSED!

L. Emanuel, Richmond Hill ON, Canada

Man oh man what a blessing! I take at least one Advanced Immunity Support capsule every day for maintenance during flu season. No unpleasant side effects, just tons of protection from all those nasty bugs around. Vibrant is real! I keep it in stock and I'm about to order more.

Elizabeth K, United States

I have been so impressed with Immunity Defense with cherry. I used to get sick all the time, and have tried other immunity pills in the past but they haven't worked. However with these, I have not gotten sick a single time in the past 3 months since I started taking them.

Anita Chokaro, Colorado, USA

I bought Immune Defense with Turmeric before a big vacation to hopefully keep me healthy. I have been taking 1-2 daily for about 4 months now and have not gotten sick once, even though I am frequently exposed. I take them during the day, as I feel they boost my energy for awhile.

Laura Wills, Las Vegas, USA
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